Wool Rug Photo Gallery

At Loren Carpet Cleaners we clean all types of wool area rugs.

We have over 20 years of experience cleaning wool rugs using the best state of the art proven processes available. All rugs are picked up from the customer and brought to our Carol Stream Cleaning Facility.

Rugs are lightly steam cleaned by hand with a natural, color/dye-safe Oriental rug shampoo and then dried on our racks with professional carpet drying fans. Upon completion of cleaning and drying, the rugs are returned in a beautiful clean smelling and brightened color condition. Fringes are also treated and brightened as necessary.

Loren Carpet Cleaners works closely with some of the biggest retail outlets for wool rugs, and if you have been referred to us by your rug seller, please make mention of his/her name and company and we will discount your cleaning charges.

We clean all types of wool rugs from Pakistan, India, Persia, China and Armenia. Cleaning cost for wool area rugs is approximately $1.65 per square foot. There is a minimum charge of $150 including pickup and delivery. If you are a referral we will waive pickup and delivery charges as well as provide you a sizable discount.

Please give Brian a call if you have any questions regarding the cleaning of your beautiful wool rugs. Loren Carpet Cleaners is the best wool area rug cleaner anywhere in the Chicagoland area and has been handling these types of rugs with personal care and professional touch since 1985.